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Look below for a ready- to- print member list and further below the member list with active website links for all our current members and associates that have such. To maintain continuity, the ahs invites representatives of the hv to judge breeding stock and to attend the german hanoverian stud book sbs annual business meeting. In, he immediately won advanced ( s) level dressage competitions and won bronze at the german hanoverian stud book sbs world dressage championships in ermelo/ ned after clearly winning the qualifier to the final. Com for more info stud fee: $ 1, 450 usd ( fresh) frozen semen available: $ 375.

The american hanoverian society, inc. The members and associate members by november 6th,, german hanoverian stud book sbs the wbfsh has 77 members and 3 associates. German hanoverian german hanoverian stud book sbs verband, german rhineland verband, american hanoverian society, american rhineland society, canadian warmblood horse breeders association, oldenburg verband, isr/ oldenburg na, swedish warmblood association nafoals also register- able kwpn, westphalen, bwp, sbs. Welcome to the hannoveraner verband german hanoverian stud book sbs in verden! The hanoverian stud book was transferred from the chamber of agriculture in germany to the society of hanoverian warmblood breeders ( the hannoveraner verband) in 1922. Lindhooper straßeverden/ aller germany tel.

The hannoveraner verband is there for you. The dam donna doria also produced three licensed stallions: the german championship finalist fiderstar, the premium stallion glock' s falvio ( both by fidertanz) german hanoverian stud book sbs and the hanoverian vice champion fun4ever ( by feedback), anabel german hanoverian stud book sbs balkenhol' s young horse crystal friendship, and her full sister german hanoverian stud book sbs donna wenita ( both by fidertanz), who produced the auction. The very lovely em stoneylea lusenka is bred by ilsemarie wrede of gut neuensteden in freiburg, germany, and is from the famous old dam line of schluppera ( stamm. In 1978 german hanoverian stud book sbs the american hanoverian society ( german hanoverian stud book sbs german hanoverian stud book sbs ahs) was incorporated for that purpose. Each year the ahs organizes a national inspection tour to register foals, inspect and performance test mares, and license stallions. ( german warmblood, collectively). 10m, has been to a couple shows with great clean rounds and is german hanoverian stud book sbs a sweetheart to have around the barn.

In 1867, breeders started a society aimed at producing a coach and military horse, with the first stud book being published in 1888. Our editors work with publishers to bring you the best german hanoverian stud book sbs deals on quality ebooks! The society desires to encourage those standards, and to develop a horse on the north american continent having the same or better characteristics. In the uk, mares can be studbook inspected at any age, but it must take place german hanoverian stud book sbs prior to the branding of any foals. Lord adonis $ 1450 lfg ( fresh semen) visit www. Breeding eligibility is verified annually.

Com has been visited by 100k+ users in the past month. Eligible high- scoring main studbook mares that pass this performance test to become elite mare candidates ( emc). In 1995 the ahs assumed full responsibility for breeding hanoverians in german hanoverian stud book sbs this country. She is one of the rare german hanoverian mares imported to new zealand and is obviously a huge asset to breeding here. Focusing on quality, not quantity, we breed a small number of performance bred foals each year for either dressage or jumping. Is german hanoverian stud book sbs committed to adopting and adhering to the highly selective breeding standards as practiced since 1735 in the hannover breeding area of germany. Celle state stud is a state- owned facility for horse breeding in celle, germany. Since the end of world war ii, the breeding goal has been to exclusively german hanoverian stud book sbs produce a more versatile performance horse. There was some limited introduction of hanoverian, selle français and trakehner blood in the 1990s.

The requirements under subsections 4 to 15 represent the fundamental principles for the breeding of hanoverian horses and are binding for subsidiary stud books. Hannoveraner verband e. Avenue prince de liège 103 - bte 4 b- 5100 namur german hanoverian stud book sbs ( german hanoverian stud book sbs jambes) tel. It has been published annually since then. In order for a foal to be registered, both the sire and dam must be ahs approved. The verband represents the unification of 54 local breeding clubs and accounts for more than 10, 560 breeders. It' s like having a librarian who knows me personally" - actual customer review! The dam of the mare has to be registered with the main studbook or with the studbook. 92 placing 5th out of 164 horses, with the highest score for rideability!

When she stepped off that trailer at 2 am ( coming all the way from north. Stud- book sbs, le cheval de sport belge: scsl: stud- book du cheval de selle. For more details on the details of the various mare books and their progeny eligibility, please visit their website. American hanoverian society ( hanoverian). Stallions must then either complete the 70- day ( formerly 100- day) stallion test which evaluates their gaits, trainability and athletic ability in dressage, show jumping and cross country, or they must meet specified performance requirements. You will find the prerequisites in the breeding programme for the hanoverian horse. It is an german hanoverian stud book sbs active, powerful horse with substance and quality. All stallion candidates must be presented for physical inspection. Breeding stock is very carefully inspected and selected for correct conformation, athletic ability and inner qualities such as disposition and trainability.

The aim is a noble, correctly built warmblood horse capable of german hanoverian stud book sbs superior performance, a horse with natural impulsion and space- gaining elastic movements – a horse that because of its temperament, character, and willingness is suited principally as an all- around riding horse. Feuertanz has won many young riding horse classes. All stallions used in our breeding program are licensed and performance tested with the hanoverian society and our mares and foals are registered in both the german hanoverian stud book sbs australian and german hanoverian stud books. The breed originated in northern germany in the state of lower saxony, the former kingdom of hannover, where a flourishing horse- breeding industry has existed for 400 years. German german hanoverian stud book sbs hanoverian society transfer of hv status on submission of original papers and payment of appropriate recording fees. Although she is tall and leggy at 17. By virtue of guidelines set out by the the german society of hanoverian warmblood breeders, their goal is to produce a noble horse with a cooperative temperament, elastic gaits, correct conformation, and outstanding ability in international equestrian disciplines. She received 9s on her trot and canter and was awarded high point mare! Hanoverian, hessian or rhenish mares have to achieve an overall score of at least 6 for conformation and gaits and each of their six partial scores that are essential for the registration, german hanoverian stud book sbs have to be at least five and better. The british hanoverian horse society: the british hanoverian horse german hanoverian stud book sbs society:. When using a stallion, which is entered in the stallion book ib, the breeder of the foal has to pay an additional.

This club is a non- profit organization dedicated to promoting the breeding of hanoverian horses in canada. Hanoverian breeders club breeder' s group, near verden, sales list, farms, events, etc. If you' re german hanoverian stud book sbs interested in getting german hanoverian stud book sbs the books, german hanoverian stud book sbs you can contact: verband hannoverscher warmblutzuchter lindhooper strasse 92, verden, germany tel ( from us) :. Under construction - try " welt klasse". Certain non- hanoverian mares german hanoverian stud book sbs and stallions are eligible for inspection and german hanoverian stud book sbs entry into the studbook if they meet strict breed and pedigree requirements and attain sufficient scores upon presentation. The hanoverian became one of the most popular breeds in europe for coach and army work.

Rosi is currently schooling 1. In 1844, a law was passed that allowed only stallions approved by a commission to be used for the purpose of breeding. Foals with only one approved parent can receive a certificate of pedigree. I had been told she had only been a broodmare, which was the main reason i was purchasing her. Quality performance prospects are the result of the hanoverian selection process. In, he won the hanoverian and german national championships and was awarded the oldenburg main premium in vechta for the quality of this first crop of foals. When first published it was a completely new concept in the german breeding industry. 2 hand hanoverian approved for: hanoverian, oldenburg, mecklenburg, westphalia, rhineland, south german stud books licensed in verden under saddle.

Draft crosses, quarter horses and other american breeds are eligible for recording into the pre- mare and stud book ii books. Seldom are horse owners able to trace their horse’ s pedigree back three centuries, but the hanoverian stud book has documented breeding lines since the 1700s when king george ii of hanover requested english thoroughbred stallions be introduced into the bloodlines german hanoverian stud book sbs of heavy warmblood farm horses. Once they have completed the final requirement of producing an ahs- registered foal within three years they are awarded the prestigious german hanoverian stud book sbs title of elite mare ( em). The state stud of celle, located in what is now known as lower saxony, was founded in 1735 by order of george ii, king of german hanoverian stud book sbs great britain, german hanoverian stud book sbs elector of hanover and duke of brunswick- lüneburg. More german hanoverian stud book sbs images. Only foals from ahs inspected and approved parents may be register with the ahs. Fellanaka approved into the hanoverian stud book - posted in arabian horse café: in may of i purchased fellanaka solely from photos and video.

00 name: lord adonis breed: westphalian registered: german hanoverian stud book sbs yes registries: german westphalen verband, wesphalen na, german hanoverian verband, german rhineland verband, american hanoverian society, american rhineland. Her daughters could prove to be almost as important. For generations, the hanoverian horse has been recognized as one of the most prominent and successful breeds of riding horses in the world today. Touch of german hanoverian stud book sbs totilas is a long legged elegant dapple bay hanoverian mare with three powerful gaits. Mac has a fantastic attitude, and inquisitive personality that makes her ready for anything you ask of her. The breed retains the substantial bone, sturdiness and stamina of its heritage: nearly 300 years ago the hanoverian was bred to serve as a robust carriage and military horse.

German and american inspectors evaluate mares for type, conformation and gaits. The mare performance test ( mpt) scores a mare’ s rideability, gaits and jumping talent. The american hanoverian society • 4067 iron works parkway • lexington, ky• fax: • email: org • hours: 9: 00 a. Registries: oldenburgriding test results: ergebnisse feldtest reiten 1995 ds 3 jahre - early in his 3- year- old year while preparing for the swiss warmblood stallion test springen index dressur index gesannet index 134. Mare inspections take place at age three or older. She has an excellent mind and calm, willing temperament.

2hh she is german hanoverian stud book sbs not long bodied or wide and is lightfooted with a quick hindleg undersaddle. If scores on conformation, movement and jumping ability are sufficient, a temporary breeding license is granted. I wanted german hanoverian stud book sbs her to breed to my hanoverian/ arabian cross stallion the terminatorr+. Stallions with outstanding performance records can be entered in the hanoverian stallion book ib without being licensed by the hannoveraner verband. Year of birth registration. Breeding books for knabstruppsers, sport ponies and palominos (! Ludwig christmann - german hanoverian stud book sbs vhw pferd- aktuell online magazine - germany ( in german) reitersport- magazinonline magazine - germany ( in german). It is a recognized true breed – foals may only be registered in the main section of the stud- book if both parents are registered in that section.

The state stud was established at celle in 1735, and the hanoverian studbook was officially begun in 1888. Non- foal branded hanoverian mares ( that is, mares from other breed societies) may be eligible for stud book inspection and subsequent entry into the hanoverian stud book subject to an german hanoverian stud book sbs assessment of their pedigree. See full list on hanoverian. 2hh, inspected and registered mare. Hanoverian breed info oklahoma state university heritability research results from dr. Eastern daylight time. After discovering german hanoverian stud book sbs the breed’ s athletic talent and rideability, american competitors began importing hanoverians, and a need arose to continue the german standard of selectivity for the breed in this country. Rosalita is a, 16.

The hanoverian horses suffered badly during the napoleonic wars and many were lost, but the stock at celle was replenished with thoroughbred and mecklenburg stallions. The hannoveranner jahrbuch hengst or, german hanoverian stud book sbs in english, the german hanoverian stud book sbs yearbook of hanoverian stallions, was first brought out in 1999 as an indispensable tool to help breeders in finding the best stallions for their mares. The first approval programme for stallions began as early as 1844, and the stud book was set up in 1888. 1 german hanoverian stud book sbs the hanoverian society keeps the stud book of origin for the hanoverian breed in accordance with the provisions of eu law and german animal breeding law.

Hanoverian stallion book except for my stallions, all pictures and data are from the stallion books published by german verband. The range of services is extensive and offers a wealth of information in the german hanoverian stud book sbs areas of horse breeding, horse purchase and advice. The hanoverian has natural impulsion and light and elastic gaits characterized by a ground- covering walk, a floating trot, and a soft, round, rhythmic canter. In he won the hanoverian riding horse championships, finished fourth at the german national championships for young horses in the three- year- old stallion class, won international elementary level dressage tests and is now ready to compete at advanced level. Over the years, the society has worked closely with the german hanoverian verband ( the verband hannoverscher warmblutzuechter) inspecting breeding stock, registering horses, and licensing and performance testing stallions. A horse with only one ahs approved parent ( either a hanoverian- papered main studbook dam or an elite hanoverian stallion sire) is eligible for a certificate of pedigree which enables participation in the ahs awards program. Mares previously inspected by the hv and placed in the studbook do not need to be re- inspected. Stud- book sbs, le cheval de sport belge ( belgian sport horse).

Sbs ahrabesk is a wonderful, sweet minded, eye- catching bay filly.

Mac, as we call her, is a great dressage prospect but can go many directions.

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